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Nordcell Joins The CircSolar Initiative

18  June, 2024

Nordcell Group AB has officially joined CircSolar, an initiative to create a comprehensive proposal for the circular management of solar panels in Sweden.

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Nordcell is excited to announce that it is joining CircSolar. The initiative aims to create a comprehensive proposal for a national infrastructure to ensure the circular management of solar panels in Sweden. The project is led by Axfoundation and  unites stakeholders from across the entire value chain to explore and implement a sustainable circular system for solar panels.


Solar energy is one of the fastest-growing energy sources in the world, contributing to 75% of the increase in renewable energy in 2023. By 2028, it is expected to account for 12% of global energy capacity. Last year, Sweden installed over 100,000 solar systems, marking a nearly 70% rise compared to 2022. However, without an effective system for managing expired solar panels responsibly, society risks facing a significant environmental challenge due to the increasing volume of solar panel waste. Forecasts indicate that by 2050, this waste could exceed 100 million tons.

CircSolar brings together key stakeholders from across the solar and recycling industries to explore a circular system for solar panels. Initiated by Svea Solar and now driven by Axfoundation, the project focuses on developing business models, incentive structures, and policies necessary for a sustainable lifecycle management system.

On June 12, Nordcell officially joined CircSolar's reference group, collaborating with other stakeholders in the initiative. The project group includes El-kretsen, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, REMONDIS, Stena Recycling, and Svea Solar. The reference group comprises AxSol, INGKA Group (IKEA), SolTech Energy, Sonat, The Sunshine Fund, and the Swedish Solar Energy Association. Together, we aim to drive sustainability and circularity in the solar panel sector, from manufacturing to recycling.

“This initiative aligns perfectly with Nordcell’s goals, and we are honoured to be part of such a groundbreaking project,” says Vahid Toosi, Chairman of Nordcell.

"The ambition of CircSolar is to bring together a diverse range of stakeholders to collaboratively develop a resource-efficient and circular system for managing solar panels in Sweden. Nordcell's ambition to launch solar panel production in Sweden adds a unique perspective to the project's reference group," says Johanna Olofsson Behrman, project manager within Future Materials at Axfoundation.


CircSolar Project objectives:

  • System Analysis: Analyze the circularity of the current value chain for solar panels in Sweden.

  • Future Scenarios: Develop scenarios for the future of solar panels in Sweden, including expected types of solar panels on the market, when the panels will become obsolete, available circular options, and anticipated future regulations.

  • Circular System for Solar Panels: Propose a concrete system for the circular management of solar panels, including business models and policies that support the transition to a resource-efficient and circular lifecycle for solar panels.

  • Collaboration: Establish conditions that foster collaboration among stakeholders to drive change and develop a sustainable, long-term system for solar panel management.



Nordcell Group AB was founded  in the beginning of 2023 by a group of serial entrepreneurs from the EU solar industry. Our mission is to establish the world’s greenest ecosystem for PV manufacturing and build an energy sovrant Europe. The success of Nordcell lies in the unique partnership formed with global leading players within the manufacturing industry for semiconductors and R&D. Together we are building a future-proof blueprint that can easily scale with new technologies.


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